We promote responsible and moderate consumption of spirits, aiming to safeguard our consumers’ health. Hence, we oppose the informal alcoholic market, discourage drinking and driving, prevent consumption by minors and encourage absolute respect towards abstinence.

Fundación de Investigaciones
Sociales, A.C. (FISAC)

For many years now, we have been an active partnerin the work of the Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales, A.C. (FISAC), a nonprofit social research organization that since 1981 has been promoting campaigns to raise social awareness about the risks associated with excess alcohol consumption. The institution carries out campaigns--published in the media, billboards, written material and elsewhere, to promote the message of prevention and encourage a culture of moderation and responsible consumption. Its campaigns have four main axes: no drinking behind the wheel, zero alcohol consumption for minors, respect for abstinence, and moderation in consumption.