ESG Strategy

Our ESG strategy is a fundamental part of our company, business, and DNA.

We are constantly improving and reinforcing our processes, operations, and structures to build trust with key stakeholders. Our strategy is based on three pillars for a sustainable future:

We are committed to producing spirits efficiently while adhering to ESG criteria in our decision-making and processes, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth as a company.

Growing in the spirits industry

Our sustainability efforts and capabilities are aligned to support the overall business goal of growing Becle’s market position in the spirits industry.

Superior Governance
of the supply chain

Lean and efficiency-
oriented mindset.

High-quality operations and
product standards.

The differentiating capabilities will allow Becle to achieve its unique business goals and offer a distinctive ESG performance.

Risk, compliance and
operational adaptability.

Deep understanding of
international markets.

Global reach and presence.

Enabling capabilities will be leveraged to realize our sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Model

Our Sustainability Model defines our actions and initiatives to create value and ensure a sustainable long-term business.

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The center of our sustainability model reflects our commitment to securing a sustainable future.

From past

At Becle, we take great pride in our extensive heritage and longstanding traditions. As one of the oldest spirits producers in the world, we have persevered through countless changes and challenges spanning many centuries. Our company’s resiliency is unmatched, a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence.

to future

We welcome this new challenge. Sustainability is long overdue in our world, and we are fully dedicated to playing our part in leaving a better world for future generations.

Resilience & adaptation to change

Study and plan the necessary changes needed to be implemented to improve our ESG and financial performance for the next years.

Measuring impact

Estimate the quantitative economic, environmental and social net impact that the ESG initiative could create to determine deployment feasibility.


Create synergies between departments, regions and suppliers to successfully integrate changes of sustainability across the value and supply chain


Select adequate metrics associated with sustainability initiatives to analyze our performance, set realistic targets, and communicate our progress to key stakeholders.

Understanding risks & opportunities

Comprehend the business, social, and environmental associated risks and opportunities that a given change in our way of currently do things could bring to BECLE.

Looking after our people

We believe in creating a workplace that is safe, healthy, and inclusive for all employees. Our focus on well-being starts with our employees and extends beyond the workplace into the communities where we operate. Our “Looking after our people” pillar, intends to foster a culture of respect and responsibility, as well as design and implement initiatives to responsibly advertise our products and promote responsible drinking.

From source to market

As a company that values excellence, Becle recognizes the importance of commitment with preserving the nature, mitigating environmental-related risks, creating sustainable agriculture programs, and generating a positive impact towards the environment. Therefore, our “From source to market” pillar, targets the key factors related to supply chain responsibility, the interaction with the environment and the natural resources we operate width.

Sustainable governance

Sustainable governance is at the forefront of Becle’s practices through our commitment to transparency, accountable decision-making procedures, ethical business practices, and supply chain management. Our management strategy is guided by our “Sustainability governance” pillar, which aims to protect important resources and promote growth for the right reasons; by fostering trust with internal and external stakeholders, through a culture of openness about our ESG management systems.

We adhere to the best Corporate Governance practices to manage our business with transparency and the highest ethical principles.

Materiality and Stakeholders Engagement

To establish a solid foundation for our sustainability strategy, we conducted a materiality assessment to identify the topics that are significant to our stakeholders in terms of their environmental, social, and corporate governance.

The materiality assessment is a valuable tool for the Company’s management and is key input for our business strategy. The insights gathered during the execution of this exercise provided the basis of our ESG goals, establishing our commitments, prioritizing our current efforts, and monitoring our progress in material issues.

As part of this assessment, we carried out a stakeholder engagement to validate our material issues and guide our commitment to maintain a consistent level of reporting to ensure our ESG performance is shared with our stakeholders.

Material ESG issues


  1. Waste management

  2. Sustainable sourcing

  3. Water stewardship

  4. Carbon footprint

  5. Energy efficiency

Governance & Economic

  1. Supply chain management

  2. Business innovation

  3. Policy Influence & Corporate Affairs


  1. Occupational health and safety

  2. Product safety and quality

  3. Responsible drinking

SDG Contribution

Our strategy is fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Our ESG initiatives are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, from the 2030 Agenda, as we want to contribute to the well-being of our employees, our community, and our environment with actions focused these goals. We assessed our material topics and defined nine key SDGs where our efforts can have the greatest positive impact; therefore, we will focus our programs on them to maximize our contribution.

Awards, certifications, and recognitions

Socially Responsible Company (ESR) Distinction

Granted by Cemefi and AliaRSE for the 15th consecutive year.